Tirto Furniture truly is a family business. Chris’ love for furniture started young, as he grew up surrounded by his father, James Tirtoprodjo’s, Indonesian antique collection. As business owners, our goal is to remain true to our heritage by demonstrating loyalty in all areas of our work. We are inspired by the antiques in our family’s private collection, featured in the book Antique Furniture and Folk Art, created by Indonesian craftspeople centuries ago. We seek to blend traditional and contemporary styles in the design of our furniture.

Our family's workshop has employed many of our craftspeople since the day Chris' family moved production from the backyard of the family’s house, over 20 years ago, into the current workshop in Blitar, Java, Indonesia. Employees are paid above market hourly wages, provided health benefits, and in many situations our family will pay for employee’s children to attend school (Indonesia does not offer free schooling). The same employees who today carve dining tables in the workshop, walked Chris to school when he was a boy and taught him to drive a truck as a teenager.

Owners Chris and Claire, met through David Smith, Claire's late uncle, as Chris' father James mentored David in Indonesian antique acquisition and then after graduating college, Chris managed David Smith and Co. for several years. Come visit us at the store, and you will likely also meet our son Alex, who believes Tirto Furniture is his own personal teak playground.