We are open Tuesday-Sunday 11AM-6PM         

Tirto Furniture produces contemporary, sustainable furniture that blends traditional Indonesian sensibility with modern influences. We are located at 1908 East Mercer Street on the northeast side of Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Striving to be environmentally responsible, we use mostly salvaged materials from torn down houses, railroad ties, old furniture, as well as sustainably grown teak. Every piece of wood is hand selected for its natural elements. The grain, the burl, and the knots all become part of the overall design.

We design and make our own products, so we have the flexibility to remain contemporary and current in our design.  By eliminating the middle man, we are able to provide our customers with high quality products at affordable prices. We also have the ability to work with designers or customers creating custom pieces of furniture or installations. Our skilled craftsmen are able to produce just about anything a discerning customer or designer can create.