Our Favorite Dining Table

When people ask our favorite dining table style, our Dingklik Table is typically the first one to come to mind, because of it’s durability and modern rustic look. With a top made from old bench tops, this refurbished teak wood is already worn, weathered, and loved. Another reason we love this table is it’s great for families with small children because kids can bang and spill away; worry-free.

One feature customers have loved about this style of table is that we often have an extendable leaf option in stock, which includes the feature of the leaf storing inside of the table. The hidden extension provides flexible additional seating for large groups. As you can see in the photos below, the two sides of the dining table slide to the side and the interior leaf unfolds before the two sides slide back into place, complete with a latch on the underside for added stability.

Dining tables are at the heart of our business. We love providing a place for customers to gather with friends and family, in intimate or large groups. The Dingklik dining table embodies our business with the reclaimed teak bench tops repurposed into a table top, a rustic look that works well in both a classic and contemporary setting, and durability for customers at all phases of life.